DevKit Advance

Monday - 6/23/2003 Progress
Occasionally life hits you with various things and you don't get to do the things you want to do, like work on that free software project. I've been doing various things for DevKit Advance for the past month, but nothing to warrant a new release just yet.

I have been making a lot of posts to the forum at If you have a question, you can post it there and there is a high possibility that me or some other knowledgable person will answer it. Of course, you are still free to e-mail me personally (fenix AT io DOT com).

Thursday - 5/15/2003 Anime Central
There will not be a new beta this week because I am going to the Anime Central anime convention in Chicago.
Friday - 5/9/2003 DevKit Advance Release 5 Beta 3
DevKit Advance Release 5 Beta 3 is now available for download.

Several bug fixes have been applied, it contains many new features, and other improvements. It is mainly lacking documentation. I really want to talk about those features, but without documentation I would feel guilty for it ^_^

There is a new package,, which contains the gdb/insight source level debugger and arm simulator.

The crtls, example, and testsuite directories have been added. You can build the projects in these directories using 'make all'. Doing a 'make install' in crtls will apply any changes you made to the crt0.s

In the example directory, currently there is only the xframe library which will become a framework on which all the examples will be based on. Currently it contains a simple tty which hooks into printf. This library is used by the testsuite project to output results.

The testsuite exercises every feature of DevKit Advance. In lieu of better documentation (which is pending), you can examine the tests.

For beta 4, I am going to try and get the documentation caught up with the implementation.

NOTE: The interrupt service routine provided in the file isr.S is just a rough draft and has never been tested. I probably should have added a #error directive to the source before releasing it to warn people.

Friday - 5/2/2003 Two Weeks?
I knew I would be in trouble if I set a release date! Beta 3 will be out soon. It will most likely be a Monday release as usual. I got distracted by a lot of things which I wanted to add to the DevKit and forgot that I really only wanted Release 5 to be equivalent to Release 4, but based on Mingw instead of Cygwin. So, I've actually been working on release 6, but forgot to do release 5 ^_^

3/31/2003 Second Beta
Beta 2 contains several bug fixes and is as complete as DevKit Advance R4. For that reason I feel comfortable recommending that people upgrade. There will be one more beta before the final version of R5. That beta will include the Insight/GDB debugger and a low level library for taking full advantage of DevKit Advance. If you are not interested in those, then you can wait until the final release 5, which should be in about 2 weeks.

A Linux version will follow as soon as possible, but rest assured the final version will be available at the same time as the final Windows version.

3/24/2003 DevKit Advance Release 5 Beta for Windows
I am glad to present you with DevKit Advance Release 5 Beta for Windows This is a BETA release and you need to respect that. Install this along side your existing installation of devkit advance and make sure that everything still works for you. Tell me if you have any problems.

For best results, install in the c:\devkitadv-r5-beta directory and use it by launching a cmd shell using the shortcut provided in that directory. If you want, copy that shortcut to your desktop or quickbar (it is very convenient!)

If you want to install it somewhere else you will have to edit the rc.bat file which is used to setup paths.

2/13/2003 SourceForge
The project has moved to SourceForge in order to make it easier for developers to colaborate and make progress and to unify versions created for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X into one effort.

The project summary page is here. Please register with SourceForge and post a message to the forums. Getting a forum started is a chicken/egg problem, so do not let the empty forums scare you away.

2/13/2003 GBA Wiki
There is an experimental method of creating documentation for the GBA posted here. Anyone can contribute documentation without even having to register. Try it out!
7/13/2002 New Linux Version
I suddenly remembered that the Linux Version of the dev-kit is now GPL compliant.
6/4/2002 Slashdot
Got Slashdotted today. Well, sort of. Someone submitted a link to a Mac OS X version which I was unaware of. I'll link it here. Hopefully that will help all of you that where asking for it.

Its amazing how inaccurate some of the comments posted in the Slashdot story about GBA development are. I don't know if its because GBA-DEV is so esoteric, or if the one ton grain of salt I already take with Slashdot is not big enough ^_^

5/20/2002 GPL Compliance - Round 2
No real changes, except now you can take a look at the source used by Cygwin to build make, bash, and other tools that I included for your convenience in agb-core. I also put the file COPYING into all the files so that you too can learn what it takes to have (and keep) the previlege of distributing GNU programs as binaries.

If you are running a mirror, please get the files off of the Netherlands server and update because even though I kept the same name, the files are slightly different now. I think you should probably also get the GNU source code, because although the FSF didn't say anythig about it, I am sure they will soon tell me that everyone has to distribute all the source and binaries.

FREE TIP! Before you start a project with GNU source code, consult with someone who has done this before successfully. Even if you are really smart (like me :P) you will probably get something wrong and get a call (e-mail) from Mr. RMS himself to set you straight.

5/19/2002 Temporary GNU/Linux Version Removal
Another round of GPL compliance has caused me to remove the GNU/Linux version until I can produce a version which complies with the GPL. I think the best way for me to do this would be to create a version for GNU/Linux myself (the old GNU/Linux version was produced by a contributor). There is a blank partition on my harddrive just waiting to have GNU/Linux slapped on it. It may take a little bit, as I am in the middle of a move. I'll get everything updated once I am settled.

Clarification: Added 5/20/2002

The source was removed so that I could either A) Contact the person who contributed it and have them give me the source code for the binaries, or B) Create the next version of the Dev-Kit which will have a unified source for both GNU/Linux and Cygwin.

Until either of these happen, I cannot legally distribute the GNU/Linux version.

4/5/2002 GPL Compliance
I uploaded the patched source code to the binutils and GCC in order to comply with the letter of the GPL. They are called agb-binutils-2.11.2.tar.bz2 and agb-gcc-3.0.2.tar.bz2. My makefile still works with only with the official distribution, but if you know how to build GCC and binutils, then you can build from the patched source by configuring for target arm-agb-elf. Please don't ask me anything else about building from these sources, because I prefer to build using my makefile + patches.
10/29/2001 Quick Release has been quickly put in place to fix problems with Windows XP. Sorry about the mix up.
10/29/2001 Windows XP Troubles
I have heard reports that the new release doesn't actually work with Windows XP, but I've also heard reports that it does. It seems that I may not have gotten the updated cygwin DLL files into the distribution. Expect a agb-win-core-r5 soon to fix the problem if its my fault. This may also explain why I could not get things to work in Windows Me without that patch.
10/28/2001 Release 4
Release 4 is mostly minor changes. It should work with the newly launched Windows XP. It also includes the newly released gcc 3.0.2. To avoid confusion, please note that I am skipping release 3 in order to syncronize the release numbers of all the packages.

This release works out of the box with WinNT, Win2k, and WinXP, but you will have to download an additional file to get it to work with Win9x and WinMe. This is because of the "Virtual Memory Exhausted" error. The "fix" causes some projects, those that use C files to include binary data, to use way too much memory to compile.

People using Win9x and WinMe are stuck with this problem, but I am not going to punish everyone, so Win9x/Me users will have to download which contains replacements for the files that have the problem. Until Cygwin fixes the problem, I suggest that Win9x/Me users switch to XP or 2000. Of course, after you do that, you won't want to switch back ^_^

After unzipping the other packages, unzip the patch zip over it. Just so that no one gets confused, if you are using Windows NT, Windows 2000, or Windows XP you DO NOT have to download the patch. If you are using Windows 98 or Windows Me then you DO have to download the patch. I don't know about Windows 95, but I really don't care.

Here is the Changelog:

  • removed libiberty.a from the newlib package
  • changed to just bin2o
  • got latest CygWin DLL so that WinXP and WinMe problems can be solved
  • fixed bug where sbrk (and therefore malloc) would allocate more memory that is available
  • changed back to using the default garbage collector, should speed up compilation a little
  • added the utilities make, rm, sh, pwd and echo to cygwin package
10/25/2001 New Layout
I have reorganized the site in order to serve you better. Yes, I did this just for YOU.

Expect a new release tommorow to account for the new version of gcc (3.0.2) and Windows XP. Logo