General Information About DevKit Advance

Welcome! This is the home page for what I like to call DevKit-Advance. I have absolutely no association with Nintendo. Nintendo and GameBoy Advance are trademarks of Nintendo. (But, that does not mean that I would not like to be associated with them ^_^)

The DevKit uses no intellectual property of Nintendo. Parts of the DevKit are copyrighted by the Free Software Foundation, the organizations which contributed to newlib, myself (Jason Wilkins), and other contributors like Jeff Frohwein who runs

Hosting and other invaluable services are provided by SourceForge. Check out the project summary page for the DevKit. Now that all that is out of the way... What the DevKit will allow you to do is create files that will work with the Gameboy Advance and GameBody Advance emulators. It is mostly the same tools that Nintendo gives to its licensed developers. A primary goal of DevKit Advance is to be as easy to use as possible, but at the same time not get in the way of code guru. Compiling a program for Gameboy Advance with DevKit Advance is only slightly more complicated than compiling a program for you PC. After unzipping the packages and putting the /devkitadv/bin directory into your path, it requires, at a minimum, only two commands and no special options.

Lets say you had a file called game.c with these contents:

	int main(void)
	   return 0;
You could then compile it with these commands:

	gcc -o game.elf game.c
	objcopy -O binary game.elf game.bin
You can see from this example that you should use int main(void) as your entry point.

No muss, no fuss. Just load game.bin into your emulator or flash cartridge.

There is an FAQ available which answers some common questions I have recieved. I wrote the FAQ to save both you and me time. Please read the FAQ at some point before or after downloading these files. And definitely do so before you e-mail me with a problem. Logo